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Dallas Blends Barber Shop Corners the Market Doubling as a Content House

Updated: Aug 23, 2023

Dallas Blends Barbershop has a cutting-edge feel designed to suit every gentleman’s fantasy. With seven operational suites featuring 18 of Dallas’s finest independent barbers, a millennial lounge, and a developing media room. The barbershop seeks to offer experiences rather than just haircuts. 

"The text 'Dallas Blends' is showcased in an image, accompanied by its reflection. This image represents the work of a social media content creator, focused on developing a strategic approach across various social media platforms.

"I wanted the look to borrow from the past with the feel of the 1910s and 20s while inviting the trend of a digital front. It's when men took care of themselves, took pride in their haircuts. It's not just a $25 haircut. It's an experience. We just take care of the whole grooming process." Joel Huerta, the co-founder of Dallas Blends Barbershop in Dallas, TX.

Joel Huerta, the co-founder of Dallas Blends Barbershop in Dallas, TX, stands alongside another individual. They both exemplify the dedication and vision of entrepreneurs in the barbering industry.

Huerta wanted to find a way to reach the hi-tech, millennial audience that wanted an upscale barber experience. An experience that included a high level of TLC, attention to detail, and the classic community experience that traditional barber shops are known to have.

a row of barber shop chairs is prominently displayed. These chairs serve as the foundation for a social media content creator's visual storytelling. Through a strategic blend of social media platforms and digital content creation


Speaking to customers where they are.

The first step for Altered State was to select a channel for distribution where the barbershop’s ideal customer spent a significant portion of their time. Snapchat was chosen as it stood at the intersection of traditional digital advertising and social media with a built-in audience of hi-tech millennials.

Establishing purposeful partnerships.

Altered State helped Dallas Blends to source and contract partnerships with relevant co-market entities like Ego Barbers and Slick Content. This partnership marketing strategy allowed for shared resources and increased reach that would otherwise take years to attain.

A collection of clothes featuring the Dallas Blends logo. These garments are curated and styled by a social media content creator with expertise in promoting brands.

Empowering barbers.

In addition to promotion from the shop, individual barbers were trained in marketing principles, personal branding, and social media advertising. By letting barbers promote themselves on social media organically, under the banner of Dallas Blends, it encouraged them to make more profound, more frequent connections with the community. The strategy also lessened the business’s burden and budget for digital advertising.

Digital marketing tactics.

Altered State Productions provided search engine optimization, pay-per-click campaigns, and web design services to increase foot traffic to the physical locations. 

On the back of a man's T-shirt, the Dallas Blends logo takes center stage. The social media content creator utilizes this clothing item as a visual canvas to promote the brand.

The Results

These strategies instantly increased the exposure rate for Dallas Blends. By sharing stories, services, and images with a wide demographic, the individual barbers were appealing to a more diverse and reliable spectrum of clientele than running paid advertisements alone. 

The ads hit their mark more often than not due to selecting a relevant platform and thanks to Snapchat’s built-in reporting and optimization tools. The campaign was managed seamlessly by Altered State Production's in-house Media Buyer.

From the back, a lady gracefully showcases her flowing hair, demonstrating the artistry of a skilled hairdresser or stylist. Her hair serves as a canvas for creative expression, embodying the work of a social media content creator

The brand was quickly able to establish credibility and brand trust due to partnering with more established brands.

Improved performance includes:

  • 1,105% increase in SEO traffic from the benchmark month

  • 58 % increase in SEO traffic, year-over-year

  • 354% increase in validated SEO sales leads vs. benchmark month

  • 50,000 + validated sales lead generated since 2012

The Perfect Parlor

A multifaceted marketing strategy from Altered State Productions quickly boosted the reach, recognition, and brand perception of Dallas Blends. By using relevant messaging and content marketing from trusted sources on hand-selected channels, the barbershop saw increased foot traffic and a higher demand for their services.

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