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Earn up to 10% Commission with 

Our Sight. Your Vision.

Altered State Productions is trusted by leading brands across major verticals:

Retail, consumer goods, hospitality, fashion, & more.


A one-stop online marketing shop takes creating content to another level.   Start getting paid faster and easier with the media professionals you know and love.  Get started today — and join the next generation in creativity.

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Trusted by Leading Brands

Altered State Productions has earned the trust of renowned brands in major verticals, including retail, consumer goods, hospitality, fashion, and more. 


By affiliating with us, you align yourself with industry leaders and elevate your credibility.

A One-Stop Online Marketing Shop

We take content creation to another level. As a media production and marketing agency, we offer comprehensive services that meet the diverse needs of businesses.


By promoting our services, you provide your audience with top-notch solutions.

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Promote and Monetize Effortlessly

Whether you're a large marketplace, content site, social media influencer, or blogger, we have simple linking tools to help you monetize your platform effectively.


Choose from our wide range of services to promote and cater to your audience's needs seamlessly.

Earn Generous Commissions

Earn up to 10% commission on successful referrals within a 90-day window. What's more, you'll earn commissions from all qualifying leads, purchases, or impressions, not just the products you advertised.. 


Don't miss the opportunity to surf the wave of creativity alongside us and maximize your revenue and grow your income today,

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