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We provide research and insight specific to the keywords that will yield the best results for you.


Keyword research is at the core of our AI SEO campaigns. The in-depth research drives the strategy for page prioritization and informs how to administer campaign resources. Boost your web performance and support a stellar content strategy with the right words that win traffic and conversions.

Services include:

Vital Campaign Keyword Theme Identification

Keyword Mapping to Profitable Site Pages

Research to Extend Organic Presence and Increase Traffic


AI Mimics Google 

Our artificial Intelligence is always learning an innovative approach to SEO. This includes their thematic approach to keyword selection. They do not collect random keywords, they learn from Google search robots to choose keyword themes that are the most effective. 


Purchase Intent Data Scanning

The keywords they identify in each thematic keyword group are selected based on data scans of purchase intent. The program chooses keywords that are proven to drive qualified organic leads. This is in contrast to other systems that simply select keywords based on themes and similarities.


High Ranking 

When selecting keywords to focus on within a thematic group, artificial intelligence also chooses keywords that will increase qualified organic traffic. They do this through their search volume and search competition software. 


For full SEO Services, we recommend a product like Lovelace Web Solutions.  

Keyword Research

  • Launching an SEO campaign with artificial intelegence gives your team access to curated real-time reporting of all SEO-data. They will generate current keyword rankings, organic traffic growth, and more.

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